Sticking to what you care about 🎯

Life isn't always a straight path, commit to what you care about.

Happy Monday! ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼 It’s been cold lately here in Toronto, really looking forward to the warm weather, hopefully all is well wherever you are! I’d say today’s newsletter is about committing to your journey and understanding that life is not linear 🎯

💫Words of the Week 

@iamrossmackay on IG

Found this on my feed the other day and it hits true. If you don’t stick to what you care about - you’ll be stuck with something you don’t”.

I think it’s a lot to do with just figuring out life. So many paths to take, so many big dreams we have, and very few options we really do partake on. Whether you’ve had a mid-life crisis or have thought to yourself: What the heck am I doing with life? (Had plenty of these lately) - I think it’s important to be rooted with what you care about.

I feel like I go through the same messages every week haha but the last thing we want is to be stuck in a path/life we could care less about. Seems like the more we shift our focus on careers/hobbies/lifestyles that are more aligned to what we find interesting & important - the closer we get to living this life of ease 🌠.

💆🏻‍♂️ Some learnings & thoughts

@oliviaherrickdesign on IG

Oooooooff. This one hits home. I think I realized that the journey we each individually have will has its ups & downs. There will be periods of success & moments where everything in life is perfect & contrastingly, times will come that do get tough and aren’t in your favour.

It’s good to remember that the journey is never linear. Trust in the process they say, commit to what you care about and be okay with feeling uneasy.

Growth isn’t a y=mx+b line (This is a math joke, if you don’t get it carry on lol), it’s scribbles, it sometimes steers off the page & a lot of times we’re too stuck in the deep of things, we lose track of where we are. But that’s the journey. It’s about sticking to it, believing in it, and understanding you’ll come out the other side.

On a personal note, I’ve been exploring what’s next for me in my career & although it seems never-ending - I got a feeling I’ll be fine. And so will you with whatever you might be going through. 🔑


💭 Question for you

What do you CARE about?

Think about the positive things that change your mood. Is it being apart of a community? Fighting for a change? Working on changing something in the world? Family? - keep these close to to you & slowly but surely stick to it. 💭

Till next Monday, Dave ✌🏽🌎