Enjoying the Simple Things ☕️

Finding fulfillment in the simple things of life.

Happy Monday! ✌🏼☕️ Hopefully you had a great Super-bowl weekend or for those who don’t follow football, a weekend at ease & of comfort. Today is all about embracing the simple things of life and how the Danish concept of Hygge can help you live a life of coziness & ease.

💫Words of the Week 

It’s a really materialistic world out there for sure. Whether it’s new clothes or new flashy things we indulge in (I am guilty as well haha), we sometimes misplace short-term pleasure with what really brings us fulfillment.

We’re human and outside of our basic needs, we really don’t need much. Yes yes, it’s great to have more of course and be able to have whatever we want. But it’s a real eye opener, when you see those who don’t have much; yet are truly happy. Who are truly content with their life, with what they have, and with what they’ve accomplished.

The Western world we live in is all about trying to “make it”, climbing up the corporate ladder because we have to, purchasing things to impress people who don’t care about us. We’re convinced that the more money we have, the happier we’ll be. We fail to realize and be grateful for the things others would dream of having (Home, family, food, clothes, etc.)

Yeah sure it’s great to be financially free. But what brings us true fulfilment in life can already be found with what we already have. We’re just too blind-sided to realize that until its’ too late.

💆🏻‍♂️ Some learnings & thoughts

The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living

Hygge is all about creating a warm atmosphere & simply enjoying the good things in life with good people. This way of living comes from Denmark and it’s definitely a cozy way of living. I lived in Sweden for about 1.5 years as an expat, and although I wasn’t with the Danes - this manifesto became part of my everyday life, especially with getting through the super dark winters haha.

It’s all about taking it easy & really enjoying many of the simple things of life - getting cozy, being in the present, and valuing more peace rather than worry. A lot of times all we really need are the simple things - from having a good coffee, eating a good pastry & having a deep conversation with a loved one.

Definitely think it’s great to really pause and cozy up with yourself / others & really be at ease!

💭 Question for you

What is a simple thing that brings you fulfillment?

For myself, I love drinking coffee haha. More so, the act of trying new coffee stores and being in new cafe’s I haven’t been to. And yes, the $8 coffee is well worth it in my opinion.💭

Till next Monday, Dave ✌🏽🌎