Offline is the New Luxury 💭

A slow, offline life?

Happy Monday! Also the end of February soon, which means 1/6th of the year has gone by 😅 ✌🏼… crazy I know. Today’s about coming to realize that life is simply better offline. Something I’m trying to do more of & am a strong believer in.

💫Words of the Week 

via @thomaslelu on IG

Offline is the new luxury. Time is one of the richest assets we all have - we simply cannot get more of it. Yet in our day & age, a lot of our time is spent “online” - spent on socials, endlessly scrolling and scrolling… Yeah there’s funny stuff, yeah it’s great to send reels/toks to your friends… Yeah sure, it’s great to be entertained.

But is it just me or is all of this time we’re spending online just fluff? Shouldn’t we be spending it focused on ourselves or enjoying valuable time with others?

If you feel guilty haha don’t worry - I too spend an ample amount of time online & I’m honestly trying to limit my social usage.

Maybe it’s a growing up thing. Maybe it’s realizing how awful social media & the digital world is on our mental-health.

The luxury of not comparing our lives to what we see on IG/TikTok/Linkedin/FB.

The luxury of valuing in-person connection rather than DMS.

The luxury of taking control of countless hours of time we spend on our phones that can be spent on learning something new, catching up with a friend, pursuing a new hobby, etc.

I think it’s just great food for thought. 💭

💆🏻‍♂️ Some learnings & thoughts

Paris in the 90’s - via @wonderfulworldandco on IG

Pictured in film is the Seine River in Paris in the 90’s.

Life seems to have been much slower back in the day. Real conversations, the sense of community, lots of human interactions, and having no other choice but to live in the moment. There was no such thing as being “online” - no such thing as scrolling endlessly on your phone, and it definitely wasn’t a thing to publish your life broadcasted to the world.

The innovations of tech have been great. And as someone who has literally grown up with it (Myspace → MSN → BBM → YouTube/IG/FB, etc etc.), the online world we live in today has opened up so many opportunities & a new way to connect & keep in touch.

But IMO, it’s also opened up a world where we literally don’t leave our phones and live online rather than the real world. We’re glued to them. Not to mention the impacts of mental health & constant comparisons we dictate on our lives to those online.

It is tough tho haha, I still have IG & don’t plan on deleting it, but in the back of my mind, looking at these Parisians - I do think to myself, an offline life is a simple life, and a simple life is a happy life.

💭 Question for you

What are your thoughts on social media, being “online” & your everyday life?

Till next Monday, Dave ✌🏽🌎