Following your own path 🛣️

Are you carving your own path or simply just following one?

And just like that, it’s already the end of January! Happy Monday! ✌🏼☕️

By this point of the year is when many New Years resolutions start to crumble - so see today’s email as a lil reminder & checkup for yourself! How are you feeling with everything so far?

Today is all about following your own path & getting deep into what you actually want in life. Let that be a career, a lifestyle, a place - just some words to make you think.

💫Words of the Week 

This for sure is a tough one to really swallow, a double sided- sword & is definitely easier said than done. The world around us is built on all of these norms and traditions that have been so tried and true - passed on by generations & upbringings that there is this “ideal path” and “blueprint” in life.

We become so accustomed to this that we fail to ask ourselves the most important question: Is this the path that I want? 💭

Think about it. You’ve probably had times in your life where you’re so pushed into one direction - let that be a career, type of education, type of life, etc.

It’s hard to see through the fog and pinpoint what our true desire(s) are - mostly because we probably don’t know what we want. And you know what? Not knowing is okay. It’s totally fine to not know - which is why majority of the times its easier to just follow an intended path because “everyone else is doing it” and/or “I had expectations from others”.

But what’s not okay is doing something because you feel like you have to.

And I’m not saying here to quit everything you’re doing and chase your dreams of building a log cabin in the deep Canadian forests ( I do think about doing this one day haha) - all I’m saying is that yes, there is benefit in these pre-determined paths of course but only if it’s what you want to do. KEY EMPHASIS on if it’s what you want to do.

If you’re not happy with what you’re doing or find a purpose in where you are now, I think it might be a good idea to reflect and carve your own path rather than just following one. 🎤 drop…

💆🏻‍♂️ Some learnings & thoughts

Carving your own path yes, cool, yes. How can I do that? It’s different for everyone of-course and I’m still figuring that out as well. Found this image on Instagram the other day & think it’s sweet to ponder about going into the rest of 2024.

Definitely not a play-by-play guide to change your life haha but a lot of good 🔑’s here that I’ve used in my personal life that’s benefitted me a lot.

💭 Question for you

Are you carving your own path or simply just following one?

Till next Monday, Dave ✌🏽🌎