Enjoying the ride of life 🎢

Nothing is ever guaranteed, all we have is now.

Happy Monday, hope it’s off to a great start! ⭐️ Been enjoying writing these letters lately & if you enjoy reading them, share it to a friend ! Anyways… today is all about embracing the now & truly enjoying the present 🎁.

Or as the Italians would say - “Tutto Passa” - everything passes.

💫Words of the Week 

I really hope you read the entire quote above rather than skim through it. Read it again if you haven’t already.

Bourdain was a renowned chef & author who sadly passed away back in 2018. His encouragement for us to enjoy the ride really touches deep here.

Life is honestly way too short to settle for less. It’s too short to care too much about what others might think of us. Of course we should always be optimistic & hopeful for our future and work towards something - but in reality, all we know is now. The past is simply that. The past. And the future isn’t always guaranteed. And that alone should give us more reason to enjoy where we are in our current lives. Wherever that might be for you.

The little things in life are usually what makes us the happiest - so don’t wait until the perfect vacation or moment to finally live your life. There’s beauty in everything around us; you just have to observe the world around you.

So in layman terms… Live a little.

💆🏻‍♂️ Some learnings & thoughts

Photography by Robbie McIntosh

First off, what a lovely picture of this Nonno living a little. Getting his tan in and all that. His tattoo on his chest says “Tutto Passa” which is Italian for “Everything passes” 💆🏻‍♂️. First off, what a beautiful phrase. But what does it mean?

To myself, it sounds like a philosophy, a phrase to live by of some sort. It encourages us in one way to have hope - that whatever challenge or roadblock we have going on in our lives will simply end sooner or later. Contrastingly, the stages in our life where we’re at our peak, truly living & at our happiest will too, simply pass by. It’s a deep saying, one that holds a lot of meaning if you think about it.

It sparks the notion that everything in life will have an ending to it. And although that might be scary to ponder about, all we can do as humans is to experience the moment and the present. We don’t know the future & the past is simply a memory. So all we really have is now.

It’s like being on a roller coaster, the ups and downs simply come and go but it’s the thrill of being on the ride that keeps us alive. 🎢

💭 Question for you to ponder about!

What does “Tutto Passa” - “Everything passes” mean to you?

Till next Monday, Dave ✌🏽🌎